What conditions can benefit from Magnetic Therapy?

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What conditions can benefit from Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic energy is one of the strongest natural forces on Earth, and many common conditions can benefit from magnetic therapy.

Some practitioners use single magnets, usually with the North pole in contact with the body, while others use an array of magnets aligned in rows or in concentric circles with the North (negative) and south (positive) poles alternating. This will result in many of the fields cancelling each other out, however, as their fields tend to flow towards the nearest opposite pole among adjacent magnets. Acumed patches, which consist of a rare earth magnet coated in zinc and surrounded by copper spheres, is the only system that provides both magnetic and electrical energy to provide a more powerful healing effect.

It is widely believed that the South or positive pole is stimulating and should not usually be used for healing when infection is present as it may stimulate growth of the invading bacteria or viruses as well. There is little evidence to back this up, however, and the World Health Organization have found that the strength of magnets commonly used for therapeutic purposes do not have any detrimental effects on health, which ever pole is used, as magnets provide a beneficial environment in which the body can heal itself to restore the correct balance between negative and positive energy fields within the body.

Magnetic patches can either be applied over sites of tenderness or pain, or applied to associated acupuncture points, as shown in the following illustrations. Select the points which most closely relate to the site of discomfort.

Unless otherwise stated, magnetic patches take three to five days to achieve full optimum effects. Wear the patch(es) for five to seven days, then discard. Rest the area for 2 days then, if necessary, reapply the patch(es) to continue treatment.

Pain is a sensation produced when small nerve endings, known as pain receptors, are stimulated in the body. It is an important symptom that alerts the body when something is wrong such as an injury, inflammation, infection or other disease. Because of the way nerve fibres join together as they travel through the body, the origin of pain is not always clear. Heart pain may be felt in the left shoulder or arm for example, gallbladder pain may be felt in the tip of the right shoulder, knee pain (eg arthritis) may seem to come from the hip while toothache may be felt in the ear.

Any pain that is persistent, severe, keeps recurring or which is accompanied by other symptoms should always be discussed with your doctor. Once the cause is diagnosed, and any appropriate treatment started, you can usually enhance the effect of therapy with the use of magnets assuming there are no contraidications (See page) such as the presence of infection. It is wise to let your doctor know you are using magnets.

Pain varies in a number of ways and may be described as:
- Aching
- Burning
- Constant, intermittent or coming and going in waves
- Crushing
- Dragging
- Gnawing
- Throbbing
- Stabbing
- Stinging
- Superficial or deep
- Radiate to elsewhere in the body

Do NOT use magnets to treat recurrent, undiagnosed pain.

Magnetic therapy can help pain due to a number of causes, including:

  • Backache Menstrual pain
  • Burns (first degree) Migraine
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome Nervous tics
  • Constipation Osteoarthritis
  • Cramp Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Earache R.S.I.
  • Erectile dysfunction Sciatica
  • Fibrositis Shoulder pain
  • Fracture pain Sport injuries
  • Frozen shoulder Tennis elbow
  • Gout Tension Headache
  • Insomnia Toothache
  • Jet lag Travel sickness
  • Knee Pain Whiplash
  • Keloid scars
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